Instructions for the Strike at 8th February at Teleperformance Thessaloniki branch

With the official declaration of the strike by SETIP of Thessaloniki, which is our Sectoral Union, all of us are covered to not attend work on Thursday, as this is a justified absence by law.

You can declare the strike the day before, the same day, or the day you return to work. Should you choose to inform prior.

Send the template below, a few minutes before you log out the previous day of the strike, or if you are off the day before, the shift of your working day.

On the day of the strike:

  • Do not log in, and if you do not feel like it, do not answer any calls by the management. The template below explains anything that needs to be explained and they have no right to ask for anything else.
  • During the strike those working from home or in the buildingswe meet in front of the main buildings of Teleperformance company at 08.00 (when the strike begins) on Thursday February 8th
    • 26is Oktovriou 43 for Teleperformance in Thessaloniki

Together we will win! No one is alone!

Template for strike:

Dear (supervisor name),

I will be participating to the 24 hour strike declared by SETIP of Thessaloniki, which constitutes a justified absence, covering all workers of Teleperformance, as per the law 1264/82. In Support for the Unions call for signing a CLA and for the demands concerning all aspects of our work.

Thank you very much for your time in advance.

Kind regards,

(Name and last name)